Thank you to all of my friends who give me a birthday present, birthday treats, birthday sms, greeting in my blog & friendster and  my birthday celebration.
I wanna bids thanks to many people here, here goes the list....

Thank you for :-

Birthday SMS  

My course mate Yau Pong(he is the 1st person who send me birthday sms at 12am, 28th of May), Wee Dieng, Mun Sang, Wooi Ling, Lei Chin & Shit Yee, Wing Fiee ( Ex Colleague), Winnie (ICQ Friend, she is also birthday at the same day, 28th May)

Greeting in my Blog 

Karry (G-fans)

Greeting in My Friendster a/c
Sim Sim(MSN friend), Jue(My colleague), Paul(My Secondary School friend), Ling, Wan Chiew, Yw, Irene, Poh Wah, Wheanely, Fiona & Cherrie

My Birthday Celebration & Birthday Treats 

The 1st celebration in Kampai(Japan Restoran)@27/05/2007 with  My Ex collegue Fong Fee, Pooi Chee & Hock Kian, Sze Yen (Ex collegue + Course mate), My course mate Yau Pong & Wee Dieng......  

The 2nd celebration in Breeze Cafe@ 28/05/2007 with my course mate Lei Chin, Siew Fun, Yau Pong & Wee Dieng

Birthday Gift & Angpow

Sze Yen, Fong Fee, Pooi Chee, Hock Kian, Yau Pong, Wee Dieng, Lei Chin, my family.......

Sorry if I miss out anyone....Thanks again for all your birthday presents, birthday sms, birthday treats, angpau, and thanks for some of you who accompanied me during my birthday celebration! Thanks thanks thanks...appreciated~  

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